Sneaky Ghost Films


Successful shoot! Now in post-production!

Just before a talented marketing agent delivers the most important presentation of her career, her daughter calls, armed a magical book, to talk about a cat she feels has been slighted.


Maria Carroll
as Laura

Maria Moga
as Madelyn

Geoff Mays
as Warren

James Cheng
as Mr. Sakamoto

Justin Prince Moy
as the Assistant

as The Cat

Won Best Editing at the Binghamton Babylon Film Festival. Official selection of the New York Short Film Festival!

After dejected Sara scares off yet another boyfriend, she realizes someone is still in her house.


Greta Volkova
as Sara

Arthur Dashan
as Troy

Mike Pucek
as the Intruder

as Herself

Official selection of the Crown Heights Film Festival!

A single mother, new to the game of geocaching, doesn't find the Wonderland she had hoped for.

Click to watch the full film. (12 minute runtime)


Maria Carroll
as Elise

Josh Olkowski
as Brian

Maria Moga
as Carolyn

Ron Gunczler
as Xavier

Dana Nauerz
as Georgie

Dane Cruz
as Chris

Official selection of the Big Apple Film Festival and NewFilmmakers New York!

A man reconnects with his dead wife through his dreams, but then finds new love and his realities conflict.

Click to watch the full film. (21 minute runtime, captions available)


Merritt Reid
as Brandon

Tiffany Hodges
as Kate

Elizabeth Conway
as Becky

Joe Galan
as Steve

Karin Crighton
as Kim

Seth Clayton
as Ed

Stephen Reich
as Matt

Official selection of NewFilmmakers New York and the Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival!

Imagine a world engulfed in clinical depression. Julia, a rare exception, is rudely awakened to the horrors around her.

Click to watch the full film. (13 minute runtime, captions available)


Claire Duncan
as Julia

as Mr. Stone

Adam Palumbo
as Ryan

Natalie Swan
as Elizabeth

Bill Corry
as Harold

Thomas Wood
as Earl

Melissa Carlile-Price
as the Receptionist